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This is the first Raising Steam compilation, featuring all the bands/artists who would have played at the Raising Steam festival in Reading in September 2013 ... all monies raised go to New Futures Nepal, registered charity number 1142984.


released April 20, 2014

All songs (c) the contributing artists.

Best enjoyed with a cup of tea or a shot of gin or absinthe ...



all rights reserved


Raising Steam Reading, UK

Raising Steam is the soundtrack to a virtual festival, raising funds for a registered charity, New Futures Nepal (reg no 1142984).

THANK YOU to all the bands, artists and those involved who have given permission for their music to be included in these downloads.
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Track Name: Miss Von Trapp - Stabcurdle Jack
They call me Jack the Ripper, Sir, but I tell you, I'm innocent ...
Track Name: Miss Von Trapp - Have A Pie: Modern Mrs Lovett
Good morning, on this fine and classic Ripper-foggy morning. Sit yerselves down, and have a pie ...
Track Name: Thy Last Drop - Gravedigger
Well the gravedigger's drunk, and the sexton's getting rich off your grief ...
Track Name: Thy Last Drop - Resurrection Man
... dressed in black face pale and wan I am, a Resurrection Man ...
Track Name: Birthrite - Loving You (Ain't So Easy)
When you put your arms around me, I feel so safe inside,
Tell me that you love me well, I must have died
You say that you adore me, my heart skips a beat
You tell me that you love me, well that's really neat ...
Track Name: Birthrite - The Future
I think of the future, but what do I see?
A world of degradation, no time for you and me.
Oh the things we loved, and the things we did
A walk in the park, a time we never hid
Oh the times we had ...
Track Name: The Mysterious Freakshow - Song Of Love
.. what's the music that fills all our being, that thrills around us, beneath us and above? 'Tis a secret, none knows how it comes how it goes, and the name of the secret is love ...
Track Name: The Mysterious Freakshow - Hedge Witch
By the pricking of the thumbs, something wicked this way comes ...
Track Name: Crimson Clocks - Red Violin
Smooth scarlet under my fingers
Feels like silk, feels like skin
Sensation clings and lingers
Taint of spoil, taint of sin

Scarlet, crimson, red
Case of wood, steeped in blood
Thirsty, sated, fed
The red violin is calling

Hear it cry your name
In the night, in the dark
Calls you to its game
Like a player, like a shark

Scarlet, crimson, red
Case of wood, steeped in blood
Thirsty, sated, fed
The red violin is calling

Sound wails from its strings
Crystal clear, can you hear?
Promises you all… things
Will you go, will you draw near?

Scarlet, crimson, red
Case of wood, steeped in blood
Thirsty, sated, fed
The red violin is calling

Every note a blade
Cold as ice, sharp as steel
Pierces to your very core
Turns within, never heals

Scarlet, crimson, red
Case of wood, steeped in blood
Thirsty, sated, fed
The red violin is calling

Nearer now you’re drawing
Feel the pull of the strings
In your soul they’re clawing
As they moan and they sing
Face to face you see it
The red violin, the siren
The last note fades then all is still
The red violin
Has found you.
Track Name: Crimson Clocks - Crimson Circus (Live At The Circus Mix)
When the Crimson Clocks chime the crimson hour
And the crimson night doth the light devour
If you show your coin they’ll be at your command
The Crimson Circus is at hand

The crimson fliers don’t need wires
They never tire as they soar higher
On crimson wings they laugh and sing
See everything, eyes glittering

Crimson creatures long to meet-cha
They can teach ya why they’re such a feature
With crimson jaws they will adore
And claw and paw and still want more

Roll up for the crimson circus
Roll up for the crimson show
Please take care you do not irk us
What’s under the crimson, well you don’t want to know

The crimson freaks from dwarves to geeks
Will pinch your cheeks to make you shriek
Their crimson eyes cannot disguise
The hunger that provokes their sighs

Roll up for the crimson circus
Roll up for the crimson show
Please take care you do not irk us
What’s under the crimson, well you don’t want to know

Send in the crimson clowns
With crimson painted grins
Even teeth drip crimson
Scarlet with their sins

The Crimson Gypsy shakes her hips,
She’ll make you tipsy as she strips,
She’ll catch your payment in her raiment
Drain you dry without lament

Roll up for the crimson circus
Roll up for the crimson show
Please take care you do not irk us
What’s under the crimson, well you don’t want to know

What’s under the crimson, well you don’t want to know
Track Name: STEAMPUNKFUNK BIZARRE - Merde! Mon Dieu! (Absinthe! Sacre Bleu!)
.. A moment, mes amis, this is very very serious here. The names .. Oscar Wilde, Van Gogh, Manet, Edgar Allen Poe ...
Track Name: STEAMPUNKFUNK BIZARRE - Totally Unexpected
Hello Chrononauts ... More tea? Have a scone ... There is no colour ...City dwellers, urban blight ... Body parts, airship parts ...
Track Name: Gladstone - Night Creatures
Five and twenty ponies, trotting through the dark
Brandy for the parson, baccy for the clerk
Them that ask no questions isn't told a lie,
Watch the wall my darling, as the gentlemen go by ..
Track Name: Gladstone - The Madness of James Tilly Matthews
By the light of the guttering candle he sat
His face set and grim
He could feel magnetic rays dancing in his head
Why would no one listen to him ...
Track Name: Tom Slatter - Dance Dance Dance
I saw a girl, dancing on the floor .. dancing on the floor of an engine room
Her feet skipped here and there, while bricks and mortar fell ..
Track Name: Tom Slatter - Mother's Been Talking To Ghosts Again
.. Mother's been talking to ghosts again ..

You can read 'em cold
They won't be told,
Give them the truth and they will shout us both down
Stuff your ears with leather
Spike your eyeballs out
Might as well now our soul's well sold
Cause all that we have ...
Track Name: Metropolis - Sirens
Counting the years on a salt water wasteland,
Islands I live where the air is thin
It's a desperate situation as isolation closes in

Time slips by on the wrong side of nowhere
The bleak horizon my only home
Solitude my constant companion dressed in darkness, cold as stone
Will it make a difference if I kneel and pray?
Long forgotten innocence shows its face then laughs and slips away
Track Name: Metropolis - New Ice Age
Stare at the black and white paintings that hang, from smoke filled skies obscuring the sun
Suburban paradise falls to its knees and offers the future to anyone
Nuclear children, how does it feel, you're not young anymore and you do not belong ...
Remember those colours that danced in your eyes, must they go with you when you are done?
Inside your head, outside your window, everything seems strange, you are old and out of touch, and you know you'll never change
Life is slipping through your fingers, don't you feel afraid
Welcome my friends, to the new ice age ..
Track Name: The Mechanisms - Pump Shanty
Some wiser man than I once spoke
That life at heart is all a joke
But he was not embroiled in smoke
So it’s pump, me boys, before we choke.

Pump, me boys, let her fly
Down to hell and up to the sky
Bend your backs and break your bones
We’re just a million miles from home.

The image of my sweetheart’s face
It fires my heart and sets the pace
Whate’er the time, whate’er the place
I’ll find him through the depths of space.


I long to lie atop my bed
With pleasant dreams inside my head
But pumping’s all I get instead
I’ll only sleep among the dead


My blood is pooling on the floor
And every second I lose more,
But there’s so many meds in store
I’ll do the work of three or four


The engine fumes will scorch your lungs
The air is thick, your eyes are stung,
But there’s no clean air left to run
This pumping business ain’t much fun.


The outer hull is shot to hell
The thrust has just one plasma cell
My joints and muscles ache and swell
So fuck the Rose, and you as well!


A transport mission gone awry,
Attacked by Cole and left to fry,
Is no excuse, boys, let us cry:
“Today is not the day we die!”



Track Name: The Mechanisms - Riddle of the Sphinx
I thought myself an orphan
I clawed my way up from the streets
To earn the rank of doctor
Equal to any I should meet
I couldn’t know my fame
Arose from sly Olympian winks
And soon I’d match myself
Against the riddle of the Sphinx

Four legs in the morning
Two legs in the day
Three legs in the evening
As body and mind decays

A mad disease
Striking poverty
In the slums no-one cares about
In its host
Causes rapid growth
In a week they shall die
Infants then
Look as aged men
But have not learned the words to shout
An old withered corpse yet a child


Many years I spent
In experiment
Dissecting its chemistry
Endless tests
Finally yield success
With the compounds I need
A consequence
Baleful oxidants
Of Olympian eternity
They need to know what it leads to


Come don’t make a fuss
Your research takes a dangerous path
Take a pause
Find another cause
This will end in your fall
Whoe’er you be
If you threaten me
I warn you will feel my wrath
Don’t interfere with my calling


Soon the Olympians knew
Just what their immortality cost
They feigned their contrition
Mourning the lives that had been lost
They swore they’d find a way
That wouldn’t lead to loss of life
They showered me with riches
And introduced me to my wife